Why Twegos is actually good news for staffing agencies

Let’s not beat around the bush. Twegos has developed a tool, ValueFit, to help organizations select employees that will perform in their role and team. Isn’t that what staffing agencies do? So… are they not in competition? The answer is as simple as it might be unexpected: no. 


As a matter of fact, the soft skill assessment tools which Twegos has developed are excellent supporting tools for staffing agencies: they save consultants time and increase profitability. That’s not just us making a claim. Previous collaborations with staffing agencies demonstrate this. Let’s take a look at the data.


What we do for in-house staffing consultants

First, we took a look at the hiring selection which the senior in-house consultants of one of our staffing partners made. We compared them with the selections our tool, ValueFit, made. The data show that senior consultants exclude candidates that ValueFit identifies as the worst misfits for the role. They also select most of the candidates our tool identifies as excellent fits. In short: the selection shows clear similarities. 

However, the senior consultants based their decision on a 15-20 minute interview, whereas ValueFit calculated the result based on an assessment which took 12 minutes of the candidate’s time only. Conclusion: we can save the consultant a massive amount of time, allowing them to focus more of their attention on the right candidates. Furthermore, we can make sure all consultants operate on the same level. This kind of consistency is much needed when less experienced consultants are introduced into an organization. 

Monetize a good selection

 When we consider the data further, the effects of good and swift selection show. In the first 30 days after the hire, 32% of the good fits have left the organization, versus 42% of the misfits. After 90 days, the difference amounts to 49% of good fits versus 61% of the misfits. 

As considerably less time needs to be spent looking for replacements, hiring good fits has an immediate impact on profitability.

Getting started made easy


Each place of work is unique

The general set-up above will get an organization far in terms of accurate selection. But naturally, every client offers a unique place to work. A sample of the organization’s culture will therefore increase the predictiveness of ValueFit. There are two ways to make this set-up easy as well: 

  • Consultants who work for large organizations can measure their inflow for a quarter or more. After that period, they have a sample of recruits that stayed beyond 3 months and are very likely to be good fits. This sample can be the reference group. 
  • Our data show that a match with the hiring manager has the highest impact on retention. Measuring only the hiring manager for a recruit provides great data to predict retention.


Conclusion: staffing agencies and ValueFit are an efficient match

  • ValueFit predicts and improves the selection made by a senior in-house consultant. 
  • ValueFit can save the consultant time and increase the staffing agency’s profitability, as it has a clear impact on retention on the first 30 and 90 days.
  • Organizations can start using ValueFit based on industry and job function profiles right away.
  • As they grow, they can expand with client specific measurements and predictions.