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Hire people that fit your company’s values and culture – no bias, no individual preferences. Measure objectively if any candidate has a value fit with any internal reference: the entire company, a particular team or role, of even an individual manager. 

Don’t think you have the luxury to be selective?

Does selecting for fit sound like a challenge in a tight labor market? Excluding only the bottom 10% of bad fits with one of our clients has led to a 10% increase in retention. Combine ValueFit with our Fitme community and equip your business further for the war for talent.

Step 1.

Create a reference group

Select the employees you want new recruits to have a value fit with: your top performers, a particular team or manager, or the whole company. These people fill out a 12 minute assessment. You now have a clear view on your reference group’s professional values. 

Step 2.

Candidates take the value assessment

Candidates take the same value assessment as your reference group did. The assessment is available in 10 languages and can be taken anywhere on desktop and mobile. 

Immediately after taking the test, the candidate receives a personal value report.

Step 3.

Generate the fit report

The ValueFit algorithm compares the candidate with your reference group and generates a detailed and easy-to-use report. The matching percentages are expressed in a star system. Areas where problems might occur are highlighted orange or red. 

We do the math, you make the decisions.  The reports helps you substantiate your hiring policy.

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