Always looking for people with
"the right attitude" ?
Match student drivers with a trainer
Based on value fit and a set of custom criteria

FOR AND TOGETHER WITH THE TRUCKING SECTOR is developed for and together with the trucking sector. Truckers spend a lot of time with their instructor. This inspired us to investigate how to optimize the match between these two individuals.

A bad fit during raining had proven to lead to high dropout rates, often after the company had already invested in training and licensing for the student.

Our automatch function solves this and saves significantly on planning resources. We show you the optimal value fit for each new recruit. Furthermore, we adapt the tool for your set of custom criteria, such as distance between student and trainer, truck type, smoking behavior, gender, music preferences or any other element that is of importance for your company.

You stay in the driver seat, you can either accept the results from the automatch or manually match and decide to overwrite.

As the tool is web-based and can be easily linked to your scheduling software, availability will also be taken into account. Imagine saving on the time a fleet manager spends trying to manually link students and trainers, the inefficiency of numerous phone calls and disappointment and frustration when the two do not get along after all.


based on value fit and a set of your custom variables


All trainers or operators take a 15 min web-based test


New drivers fill out the same test and answer to your custom criteria


Our unique automatch function matches every new recruit with the optimal instructor or operator.


Over 50.000 value profiles in the trucking industry have proven the high predictability and usability of the specific tool for this sector. Our highly valued partner Stay Metrics keeps adding proof to this every day.

Industry leader Prime Inc. has been matching their students with trainers for over 2 years now with some amazing results.


Talent is the single biggest overhead expense and the biggest competitive advantage. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. But on top of the direct recruitment & training costs… A bad apple spoils the bunch, so to speak.

For HR to evolve as a strategic business partner and take a more transformational role in human capital management, HR leaders need to harness the power of data-driven insights. We help you to build an analytics-driven talent strategy and provide detailed insights in which candidates are more likely to help your company to succeed.