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Individual training reports based on your business 

BehaviorFit measures how an individual would react in certain situations that could occur in a job. The report shows which areas they need to focus on in training to perform to the best of their abilities.  Our reports are tailored to specific functions in your unique business – no general one-fits-all training. 

Focused on performance

Whereas ValueFit focuses on retention and boosting engagement and well-being, BehaviorFit is geared towards adjusting behavior and enhancing job performance. 

Step 1.

Tell us what you're looking for

Describe the job you want to train new employees for. What industry do you work in, what job level are you looking for?

Step 2.

We select behaviors important to this job

BehaviorFit is based on an extensive library of over 2000 situations that can occur in a work environment. We compile a longlist of around 60 situations which are relevant to your business.

Step 3.

Finetuning for your particular business

You select a shortlist of 15 to 20  situations and potential reactions that you find important for your business. You rank the potential reactions according to your business’ desired behavior: which behaviors do you accept, and which behaviors do you want to see first? 

Step 4.

The candidate takes the test

These situations and the potential reactions are presented to the candidate in a test. The candidate ranks the ways in which they would react.

Step 5.

Generate a behavioral fit report

After the candidate has taken the test, you can generate a behavioral fit report. The report tells you the degree to which a candidate fits and breaks down into detail which behaviors require extra training for this particular candidate to enhance job performance.

Enhance performance and let your people shine.

Want to know how we can create customized training reports, tailored to your business’ needs? Let’s find out.