The unique Twegos ValueFit model measures the professional drivers of an individual and compares those with any reference group within the company.

It measures the 14 values that determine the fit between an individual and a reference group or manager and demonstrates high correlation with the engagement, turnover and performance of that individual.

This is our edge: the Twegos model focuses on professional values only, not taking into account factors such as age, gender or personality. Personality data are not sufficiently stable over time, and they have very low predictivity towards fit. The 14 values selected for the Twegos model yield a crystal clear correlation with company fit, without other data or unconscious bias blurring your view.

Based on meta-analysis of international academic models, the Twegos model was developed by thought leaders in organizational science, Professor Joeri Hofmans at Brussels University and Professor Timothy Judge at Ohio State University.

Developed by thought leaders in organizational science

Twegos’ claims are backed by solid results as well as by experts in the field of organizational
science. The tools were developed together with our academic team:

Professor Dr. Timothy A. Judge
Alutto Chair in Leadership Effectiveness
Executive Director at The Ohio State University

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Professor Dr. Joeri Hofmans
Professor Organizational Behavior at Brussels University Co-founder and R&D Director of Twegos

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