Working for a boss that shares your professional values makes you feel better


study on 116 person-supervisor dyads from a wide range of organizations demonstrated that people whose values matched those of their supervisor were more committed to their organization and were more satisfied with their job.

Moreover, the authors found that these increased levels of commitment and job satisfaction were due to the fact that people with a better value fit with their supervisor feel more empowered. That is, they are more likely to experience a cognitive state characterized by self-determined work, coping with unexpected situations and challenges, perceived competence, chance of independent decision making and the availability of resources.

In other words, people whose values are congruent with those of their supervisor experience a series of cognitions fueling intrinsic motivation.

Prof. Dr. Joeri Hofmans

These findings suggest that organizations may not only benefit from educating their leaders about the importance of value congruence with their followers, but that organizations might also take value congruence between the candidate and supervisor into account when selecting employees.

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About Prof. Joeri Hofmans


Prof. Dr. Joeri Hofmans has led the R&D for Twegos and has developed the Twegos algorithm. Today, he is part of Twegos’ board and works closely together with Prof. Dr. Timothy A. Judge on the next R&D phase.

His research interests are mainly in the field of work- and organizational psychology, emotions at work, individual differences, statistics, and psychometrics.