Recruitment, but different – our clients’ needs and our focus points for 2022

By now, you have probably read several articles predicting what the major trends in HR will be for 2022. As we start our new year, rather than making that prediction for you once again, we’d like to tell you what we heard from clients and prospects throughout 2021 – and how we intend to help them with their issues and questions this year.

1. The traditional approach to recruitment no longer meets companies’ current needs

We hear this over and over again. The labour market is notoriously tight, and finding candidates with the right skills who also fit your company, seems to be nearly impossible. Recruitment departments realize they need to widen their perspective beyond the current candidate pool, but are unsure how to do so.

Business that turn to staffing agencies  often indicate that this approach has its limitations as well. The required number of candidates is delivered, but often these people do not fit the profile for a number of reasons. However, there does not seem to be much alternative.

There is no denying that there is a great need here, which requires new solutions. This will be our biggest focus for 2022. We are currently launching two solutions. Firstly, we are currently enrolling a community solution that changes the playing field for recruitment. If you want to learn more, have a peek at our website or follow our LinkedIn page – more to follow soon. Secondly, we are launching a product that helps organizations determine which areas they need to focus on when training new employees in their organization. This can help them look beyond required skills when recruiting.

2. Evidence-based HR is becoming increasingly important

The HR-department’s position within many organizations has increased in importance. As the insight has grown that HR-decisions are of strategic importance, so has the need to make them evidence-based. HR departments are looking increasingly towards data and research to motivate their future investments.

Helping organizations with this will be a point of focus for us. It is important get beyond the hype, and to make evidence-based HR an attitude. It’s not about occasionally referring to a well-known meta-analysis, it’s about getting the best possible information from all perspectives. It’s about being critical about information but also about your own questioning, your definition of the problem, your reasoning and your process of gathering information. This will lead you to the best information to base your strategic decisions on.

3. Focus on engagement and well-being

At this point, it is unclear whether or not engagement really is declining systematically. It is clear, however, that the topic is high on the agenda for many companies, as is the well-being of employees, after two years of COVID-19 – and with the end not directly in sight.

Unsure of what the future will bring, but fairly certain that working from home is here to stay, many organizations we talk to are looking for assistance in addressing the issue of engagement-from-a-distance. We will be sharing research and we will be collaborating with the right partners to provide organizations with root-cause insights and long-term solutions as well as practical approaches to tackle the issues at hand now.

So let's get to it

Three ways in which we aim to make a difference for our current and new clients in 2022. But 2022 is long – and in the course of February, we will probably have thought of three more. So we better get to work. Happy new year everyone!