Always looking for people with
"the right attitude" ?
We predict which candidates fit
your company culture,
who will stay longer
& perform better!

We increase your recruitment success!

We make an unbiased assessment of the fit between any candidate and your company culture (team or individual manager). Academically solid, with a proven impact on employee retention in every single deployment!

We first measure the actual (or aspired) culture of your organization (of teams) and allow you to pre-screen every candidate via an online application that allows us to predict how well that candidate will fit in you organization,  which candidates will stay longer and perform better.

We speed up your recruitment & selection process

By pre-screening every candidate, we are capable to show you – on your own data – how much time we can help you save by eliminating the interviews of candidates that will never make it through your current recruitment process.

We reduce your employee turnover

Hiring people on Value Fit and recruiting individuals that have the same drivers and fit in your company culture, will increase your retention. We have an unrivaled track record and have reduced employee turnover in every single deployment by up to 35%.

Candidates, that completes the assessment, can download their individual value profile; but they never receive any insights in the match with your organization.

The recruiter on the other hand can see the fit of the candidates with the company and every team/division or individual manager that has taken the value test. A detailed assessment report is available for every fit level.

An assessment report contains 3 chapters:

  • a zoom on the value profile of the individual candidate
  • a zoom on the chosen reference (company, team or manager…)
  • a detailed fit report per chosen reference level on all behavioral indicators which can serve as interview guidelines.


Talent is the single biggest overhead expense and the biggest competitive advantage. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. But on top of the direct recruitment & training costs… A bad apple spoils the bunch, so to speak.

For HR to evolve as a strategic business partner and take a more transformational role in human capital management, HR leaders need to harness the power of data-driven insights. We help you to build an analytics-driven talent strategy and provide detailed insights in which candidates are more likely to help your company to succeed.

Value can be used through-out the entire HR life cycle

Our impact on your bottom line is easiest to measure on increased retention in recruitment & selection; but there are many ways of using value fit through-out the rest of the HR life cycle.

We methodically scan your company culture

We chart the current & desired value profile of your company by a bottom-up measurement of current employees & management. Your existing employees take the test, which takes approximately 15 minutes.

As a result, we deliver a detailed report, providing you with insights on:

  • Your current (dis)alignment with aspired values
  • Your current (dis)alignment within teams
  • Your current (dis)alignment between a team and its management

Promote drivers of your culture, not deductors

Assess which candidate-manager is most likely to promote your company culture and motivate the team & increase their performance. The ‘wrong’ manager can be very detrimental for an employee’s engagement and be a driver for increased turnover.

Help round pegs fit in.

Use value fit in coaching interviews to objectify & demonstrate why some employees will feel ‘out-of-place’. And evaluate if the gap can be bridged.