Labour shortage: how to adjust your hiring process today

The US and Europe face their most severe worker shortages in the past 2 decades. Job openings are abundant and candidates are scarce. Going about recruitment in the same way as all your competitors are, won’t give you an edge as an employer. 

So how to recruit when you can’t find the ideal candidate?

As the saying goes: “hire for attitude, train for skills”. That way, eager recent graduates who lack experience or motivated generalists without specific skills can qualify.But be smart about it. Don’t hire based on a gut feeling. Screening for the right attitude can be done objectively.

Candidates who have a better value fit, have an increased probability to outperform AND stay longer in the company. They will earn back training costs on a longer term. If you also keep in mind the tendency which makes continuous training on the job necessary for most functions anno 2018, the decision should be easy.

But how do you predict whether someone will fit your company?

Academic research at Ohio State University (USA) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium – Europe) has led to the development of a value fit assessment tool: Twegos Valuefit. In less than 15 minutes a candidate takes an online test and results are compared instantly with a bottom-up measurement of your current (top) employees. A detailed report allows the recruiter to discuss any gaps with the current or desired company values during an interview and can be the basis for selecting a certain team and for later evaluations.

And how to attract candidates?

Value fit is a plus for your employer branding. It positions you as a value-driven organization, where company culture and wellbeing are important factors. It can be the distinguishing element for a candidate who has the choice between different offers.

When you have several job openings suitable for the candidate, you can even offer them the best opportunity on a very personal level. As the match is calculated in relation to different reference groups (organizational, management and direct colleagues), the candidate can been placed in the closest matching team and with a manager who fits his/her values! This increases job satisfaction and gives a sense of belonging, resulting in higher performance and better staff retention.

Twegos has developed an employer branding flow that triggers potential candidates to find out their match with your company, in just 4 minutes. The win for them? They find out whether they fit the company.

The company benefits from an increase of inflow and a clear overview of all pre-screened applicants.

In one click, you invite the top matches to take a full assessment and calculate their match with the direct management and the team. You can then invite the best fits for an interview, directly via their contact details in the tool.

Several case studies have shown that our value fit assessment is a significant predictor of retention and performance than common cognitive and personality assessment methods. For an in-depth discussing of the methodology and results, please feel free to contact us.