Fitme community

Hire the best, help the rest

Take the lead in a new approach to recruitment.

The Fitme community is a place where value driven businesses take a more efficient, direct, and sustainable approach to recruitment. 


Give candidates a second chance. 

Don’t reject candidates that don’t fit with your business. Make them part of a community that offers new chances to talent – and  a pool of pre-screened profiles to employers. 

Step 1.

Select the right candidates easily

Select candidates that fit with your brand and values with ValueFit. Screen your top performers with the Twegos ValueFit software and screen your candidates for a match. 

Step 2.

Hire someone or give them a new chance

The candidates that fit your company culture, you hire. That’s easy. But what about the candidates that don’t fit? You both made an effort for the screening process. Why not give them a second chance? Release them to the community, so another brand where they do fit can hire them. 

It’s a great opportunity for the candidate, and it builds your employer brand.

Step 3.

Find candidates in the community

When you can’t attract the right candidates yourself, dive into the Fitme community. We present candidates to you that have a high fit score for your culture and meet your requirements in terms of location, job level and contract type. 

Invite them for a job interview in just one click.

Watch our explainer video and learn more

Let's change the game

Help your candidates with a second chance and get help from others finding the right people. That’s the power of a community. 

Try it out and see how we can change the game for recruitment together.