- Increase retention & performance

Hire people that stay

Rethink the way you recruit

The COVID-19 crisis forces HR and recruitment departments to adopt to following realities

Social distancing
  • Limit face to face interviews
  • Combine videocalls with online assessment
  • Take data driven HR decisions
  • Also for blue-collar environments
More candidates,
fewer job openings
  • Streamline the inflow
  • Keep time investment under control
  • Pre-screen and Pre-select the best fits
Need for efficient
cost managment
  • Optimize your recruitment flow by 40%
  • Reduce employee turnover by 35%
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs

Towards a fast recovery of the economy

If we want to survive these troubles times and recover as fast as possible, we must act without delay to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on our recruitment, and:

  • Optimize digital recruitment in times of social distancing
  • Be smart with costs and save on hiring and training costs
  • Preselect candidates, hiring only those who fit best, stay longer and perform better

That way we will be prepared for a powerful and fast uptake of the economy.

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