Our mission: happier people lead to healthier companies

Twegos® helps large organisations understand and quantify the organisations’ corporate culture and any individual’s fit to that culture.

Organisations that leverage Twegos in their recruitment and talent management processes save millions of dollars as they reduce employee turnover, absenteeism, recruitment time and safety related costs.

We are looking for someone who will help drive value creation for our clients in terms of onboarding them, running advanced data analyses on their and our data combined in order to model the optimal use of our system in the client’s context and process.

Through your client exposure, we also expect you to inspire and even drive new product features. Last but not least, Twegos® is investing in continuous R&D which will drive and shape tomorrow’s technology. You’ll have a front row seat in witnessing our research and product development and will be offered the option to participate to these research tracks with thought leaders around the globe.

What will you be doing?

  • Get an in depth understanding of the client’s needs in terms of recruiting, talent management or organisational issues in order to optimally redesign his processes.
  • Accompany the client at set-up of our service covering technical aspects, privacy issues down to the internal communication of the upcoming project and process changes.
  • Run pre-developed data science models on the client’s and Twegos’ data combined in order to understand and model the impact of our service on those business metrics which are most relevant to the client.
  • Together with the client’s financial department you subsequently extend the analysis down to the client’s cost savings.
  • Lastly, you train the HR Director and his/her team for the roll-out of our service in the organisation and the use of our cloud based systems.
  • Next to onboarding clients, you will train clients and consulting partners in running data science models themselves based upon the Twegos data and their own HR and business data.

Depending on your internal growth path of choice, you can leverage the input from clients to drive new product features or choose to gain exposure to our continuous R&D and assume a role in these projects.

What do you bring to the table?

  • An excellent ValueFit® with our team of driven professionals
  • A Master’s degree, preferably in Organisational Psychology
  • Analytical skills and an affinity with data science and data modelling
  • Organisational skills with a methodical and at the same time creative approach to work
  • Clear communicator with persuasion skills to help others make decisions
  • Self-driven and entrepreneurial attitude, no need for direction
  • Experience in a consulting and/or client facing role

Joining our team will give you endless opportunities to use your passion, ingenuity, experience, and pragmatism to help Twegos® become top of mind in the industry.

At Twegos® you join a high-performance team of entrepreneurs who drive a state-of-the-art product. A training and coaching program is provided to get you up and running and stay up to date with all new technologies.

About Twegos®

Twegos is an HR Analytics Company that delivers quantifiable insights into your company culture and calculates culture fit of candidates and employees. These insights are then correlated through data science with business data and used by the CXO to reduce operating costs and optimize the recruitment process.

The AI-enabled technology was developed by thought leaders in organizational science and is in use at multinationals like DHL, Bridgestone and Stanley Black & Decker.

Twegos operates in Europe and the USA.

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