Organizations worldwide have used Twegos to measure their company culture and generate impactful workforce insights with tangible results.

Clients have…

reduced employee turnover by up to 35%
increased employee productivity by up to 20%
reduced absenteeism and related costs by up to 30%
reduced time spent on interview time, time-to-hire and training or reskilling costs

… simply because candidates with a high ValueFit stay longer in the organization and are more productive.

Food & beverage sector cases

Find the people that match your business’ vibe and reduce your turnover

Le Pain Quotidien, Manhattn’s Burgers and Choux De Bruxelles used Twegos’ ValueFit to recruit people that fit with their own particular brand and culture, with the atmosphere they wanted to create for their customer.

Focusing on pre-screening specifically, Le Pain Quotidien has been able to reduce turnover with 31.5%, save €600 000 on recruitment and create a sense of belonging within each separate branch.

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DHL case: 15% less turnover and 35% less time spent on recruitment

Motivated people are at the heart of DHL’s strategy. With a recession in sight, DHL saw in Twegos a partner to further their strategic goals and face their recruitment challenges at the same time.

The multitude of candidates per job had enabled DHL to be more selective and use Twegos to recruit in a value-driven way. This resulted in 15% less turnover, 35% less interview time, and a highly engaged workforce.

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Manufacturing industry

Bridgestone case: 22% less turnover, 36% less recruitment time, 28% less absenteeism

Bridgestone was triggered by Twegos’ ability to quantify value fit, to measure the impact and demonstrate it with numbers.

Bridgestone was able to significantly reduce operational cost, such as turnover (with 22%) and recruitment time (with 36%). The decreased turnover, in its turn, resulted in less time spent training employees. Employees were more engaged as well, with absenteeism down with a whopping 28%.

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