A blue collar assessment: why don’t we hear about it more?

When talking to blue collar employers, you often hear three arguments why they don’t use assessments:

  • There is high staff attrition anyway
  • We teach them everything on the job anyway
  • Individual assessments are too expensive

A valid point, each of these arguments. However, predicting a match with company culture does pay off. Extensive academic research in the USA and Europe has proven that value fit is a significant predictor for engagement and job satisfaction. This results a lower staff attrition, an easier acquisition and retention of skills and a better overall performance.

Turnover in the blue collar industry is a significant issue

Whereas there is high demand for skilled labour, there is shortage in supply. It is not surprising that the slightest difference in salary is sometimes enough for one to change jobs. And every time you need to replace an employee, this comes with a hiring cost. Add up the hidden cost in terms of lost productivity and the negative impact on co-workers, client relations and innovation and you will find a total disengagement cost of up to 3 times the hiring cost.

But is this unavoidable? The answer is no. There is a significant correlation between value fit and employee retention. Job satisfaction is highly influenced by the ‘sense of belonging’ and the match between and employee and his environment. If an employee shares the values with his direct supervisor and his team members, he is much more likely to feel satisfied in the company. In consequence, sufficient attention to value fit within teams and specifically with the direct manager will impact the turnover rate significantly.

Knowing the current values of your company requires measurement

You will need a scan of your company and structured assessments for recruitment. Being considered as time consuming and expensive, this is often left out in blue-collar environments. But if you think of the immense disengagement cost, regardless of the industry and combine this with the need of on-the-job training that exists in most blue-collar environments, it is worth considering, doesn’t it?

This industry deserves a model that allows to preselect a vast amount of candidates

The value measurement tool Twegos offers is automated and comes at a fixed transparent fee. Whether you want to test 50 or 5000 candidates, the effort and cost remain the same.

The results of our client feedback loop are staggering. Candidates preselected by the Twegos algorithm are evaluated by their manager. They scored significantly higher than average on attitudes and acquisition of skills. And the retention rate increased up to 32%.

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