Why the US market has been on our radar from the start

Last week, an interview with Twegos’ Jurgen Noel and Arend Van Itterbeek appeared in the Belgian magazine Trends. In it, we talk about our selection by New York accelerator ERA, our next steps in the USA, where our newest team member Sean Masters takes the lead as Business Development Director.

Selected by Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, the leading accelerator in New York

Twegos’ model of matching employees and companies based on cultural fit, is what caught the attention of ERA. Our algorithm, which predicts the fit, has been developed by researchers at Vrije Universiteit Brussels, in collaboration with Prof. Timothy A. Judge from Ohio State University.

The benefits of matching candidates with the values that truly live within a company, department or manager have been demonstrated within 6 major companies, with over 1600 employees. Candidates with a good fit show better performance, less absenteeism, more innovation and stay significantly longer in the company.

With the valued support of imec.istart and Flanders Investment & Trade, we have now a fully operational American division, ready to grow our client portfolio in the United States. This is a logical next step for us, as offices of our core sectors: transportation, logistics, hospitality, food & beverages are mainly situated in the US.

“With our model, companies of any scale can scan an infinite amount of candidates. The large size of many enterprises, that is specific to this market, makes that improvements can result in multimillion dollar savings. We are investing extra resources for meticulous guidance, reporting and further optimizations.”

Sean Masters – Business Development Director US

Sean Masters

Sean Masters is the first member of our new US branch and will join us as business Development director.

“I am excited to be working with the team at Twegos. Hiring the right team member is a challenging process in any environment and I look forward to showing you how Twegos provides an easy to use software based solution to hire the right team members that will lead to increased retention rates, better fit to your company culture while also lowering your hiring cost and increasing productivity. It’s time to take the guessing game out of finding the right individual for your team.”