The effect of the Corona Crisis on recruitment

The global COVID-19 crisis invites us to rethink the way we work drastically. 

Digitalization is the new normal, faster than we could ever have imagined. Video conferencing is experiencing a heyday.  HR and recruiting are rapidly changing as well, and we need to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on our recruitment.

  • Social distancing
  • An influx of candidates
  • The need for efficient cost management

Find out how Twegos is tackling these challenges. And contact us to see how we can help your HR during this Corona crisis


Social distancing

Limiting our encounters and face-to-face interviews to a maximum, raises two questions: 

Corona Post Recruitment tools

Although a video call can partly replace interviews, not only body language and nuance gets lost, but also they can not adequately capture soft skills and predict the fit with a company. 

Twegos’ online assessment is developed to work on any computer, laptop or tablet. It will test for an individual’s intrinsic values and fit with those of a reference group within your company.

The test takes 15 minutes and is used by our clients to:

  • Make a preselection of those candidates with the highest value fit. Significantly predicting a lower employee turnover, greater job satisfaction, and higher performance
  • With the Value Report, your HR-professional has a solid ground to ask in-depth questions during the video interview.

More candidates, fewer job openings

A decade of job growth comes to an end. Unfortunately, lots of people are losing their jobs due to the crisis and economic setback linked to this. At the same time, job openings are evaluated and in some cases reduced in quantity.

This leaves many talent acquisition managers in a situation of high numbers of applicants per job.

Selection is then the main challenge for companies:

  • Streamlining the immense inflow
  • While keeping the time investment per candidate under control. 

At the same time, whilst keeping the number of candidates interviewed as low as possible, inviting selectively those who fit best.  Our fully automated tool allows you to send out the 15 minutes Value Fit assessment to an unlimited number of candidates and immediately shows you the fit with your reference group. 

You can then easily invite only the best fits for an interview. 

Recruits with a high-value fit have proven to:

  • Stay longer. The employee turnover is up to 35% lower 
  • Are less likely to be absent.
  • Perform better. People who fit in work harder, in production environments we have proven a 18% performance increase.

The predictiveness of the assessment is developed and tested by Prof. Timothy A. Judge (Ohio State University) and Prof. Joeri Hofmans (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).

Saving time, efficient cost management

In economically challenging times, cost efficiency and optimizations are much needed. 

Our current clients save up to 1625 hours per year, just by implementing Value Fit to pre-screen candidates. 

This way, they only invest time interviewing the right candidates. 

On top of that, by significantly reducing employee turnover, they report lower hiring- and training costs, easily saving $10.000 per capita.

Towards a fast recovery of the economy

If we want to survive these troubles times and recover as fast as possible, we must act without delay to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on our recruitment, and:

  • Optimize digital recruitment in times of social distancing
  • Be smart with costs and save on hiring and training costs
  • Preselect candidates, hiring only those who fit best, stay longer and perform better

That way we will be prepared for a powerful and fast uptake of the economy.

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