Recruiting for hospitality post-COVID 19: get ahead now

COVID 19 was and still is a shock to the world. Hospitality is one of the sectors hit hardest by the COVID-19 fallout. For months on end now, business have closed temporarily – some, unfortunately, permanently. Many hospitality workers either lost their jobs or are temporarily unemployed. Even though we are still in the middle of the crisis, it’s important – both for morale and for your business – to look ahead to better days. When you do reopen, it is now more important than ever that you are recruiting the right people. Here’s why.

A chance to recruit people that really fit with your vision  

In the 2009 recession, due to unemployment, the number of unemployed workers per job opening increased with a factor of about 7. Comparable numbers are likely in the ‘COVID-recession’. This means that once your business reopens, and you start recruiting, you will be confronted with a multitude of candidates.

Finally, some good news. Given this high number of candidates per job opening, you can select only those that seamlessly fit with the vision you have for your business. You thought long and hard about the experience you want to provide for your customer. You designed the look and feel of the place, the atmosphere, the service, and recruited the people that create it. Your particular brand needs a specific kind of attitude from its employees. Screening for that exact attitude will result in happier employees. Gallup’s 2020 Analysis of employee engagement  reports an increased sense of well-being (up to 66%!) with employees who have a good value fit. But it will also provide you with a considerable competitive advantage: cost reduction.

Value-driven recruiting for hospitality is proven to reduce your staffing cost

Firstly, screening plenty of applications per job opening can lengthen your recruitment time. Those are hours you could use for plenty of other matters when reopening your business. When you incorporate a smart value assessment in your hiring process, you can preclude a number of bad fits from your selection process. This, in turn, significantly reduces your recruitment cost.

Secondly, research by Gallup for example shows, and Twegos has proven in practice, that employees who have a good value fit with your company are more productive and stay longer. In every single deployment of Twegos Valuefit, we were able to reduce employee turnover by  at least 10 and up to 35%. Absenteeism decreases by around 30%. The effort and funds you invest in training a worker will therefore give you a much higher return. You will be able significantly reduce your staffing cost.

Start now and get ahead

With ValueFit, Twegos has developed a tool that enables you to review people based on their values. ValueFit consists of a 12-minute assessment that you can easily incorporate in your hiring process. The AI-based software evaluates whether a potential hire will fit with your company’s unique set of values, or even that of a specific team or branch manager.

In every crisis, there is opportunity. Preparing now for the post COVID-19 recruitment market is an excellent chance to get ahead. When you are ready to kick-start your value driven recruitment, don’t hesitate to contact us. Want to learn more about what Twegos can do for your business first? Take a look at the experiences of our clients in hospitality.