Meet the team: Jurgen Noel

About the idea for Twegos

My passion for the digital has been present throughout my entire career. From the first computers with internet connection at the university to launching a digital advertising agency within BBDO, an independent social media agency, to eventually Twegos.

The idea to start Twegos came from my own experience as communication manager at KBC. The assessors deemed me the ideal candidate. In terms of aptitudes and experience, the job was indeed a perfect fit for me. And yet I didn’t feel at home. Among other things, I had a much greater need for autonomy and self-fulfilment than the environment allowed me.

From this experience, the idea arose to start Twegos: an online assessment which helps recruiters to predict the fit of a candidate with the company culture (or with a team or individual manager). The assessment gives them an objective assessment of the fit, which is not always easy for them to predict.

After all, how do you predict the fit of a candidate – who you see for an hour – with a team of which you yourself are not a part on a daily basis? People who fit into a certain environment, perform better, stay longer and are more involved in their job.

Today, we mainly focus on helping industries that are struggling to attract people on the long term. Logistics, retail, production environments, but also hospitality are our main customers.

Even though Twegos is focused on predicting soft skill matches, we like to build a case with our customers based on hard KPI’s, such as: time savings through optimization of the recruitment and selection process, effective turnover or team performance retaliation.

Time and time again we can see that we can have a direct impact on the effective turnover of our customers… I really like that rush! “Happier people make healthier companies. That’s what we at Twegos are all about!

Jurgen Noel – Founder & COO

Twegos can accurately predict the fit between each individual and each organisation, team or manager. Our online test can be used for recruitment and selection, talent management and employer branding. It has been proven that a good value fit leads to higher involvement, higher job performance and lower staff turnover. This increases the chance of a win-win situation: a happy team in a healthy company.”

Jurgen currently lives in New York and is participating in the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in New York (ERA), where Twegos is one of the 5 new companies for the next accelerator program. Are you around? Connect on LinkedIn and meet for coffee! Accross the ocean? Connect with us