How to hire the right people fast, when this crisis is over?

It is clear that an evening at a restaurant is high on everyone’s wish list. Because of this crisis, many businesses had to let go of employees. And maybe they have found another challenge, or maybe you want to start working again with people who have even more of the right attitude that you, as an entrepreneur, want in your business. Either way: you are going to want to hire the right people fast.

Being able to restart quickly is a matter of preparing now. 3 years ago, we launched the Twegos ValueFit Assessment to help industries that struggle with high staff turnover to reduce that turnover and only attract motivated people, We were then using principles that have become even more important today. Here is how we can help you hire the right people fast:

Physical distancing and social proximity

Physical distancing & social proximity (so much nicer than social distancing, right?) is intrinsically ingrained in our assessments. As an entrepreneur, you can measure your own value profile in less than 15 minutes. Or you can ask a few top employees to do so. As soon as the value profile has been completed, you can start pre-screening applicants via an online assessment. You will immediately see who does and who does not suit your company.

This way you avoid a lot of useless interviews, which is also a good thing for the candidates. People who don’t fit in with a company culture never become happy, their performance is affected and they quit more often. People who do fit, get a boost and flourish, together with your business.

Predicting fit and hiring the right people is not an art – it’s a science

And Twegos has fully mastered that. The part or recruitment that is traditionally based on gut feeling, we have managed to objectify and digitalise. The results are proven. On our blog you will find numerous case studies and testimonials from clients with whom we work.

Time gain: hire the right people, FAST

It is likely that we will end up in an economic recession, at least temporarily. A crisis is typically characterized by fewer vacancies and more job-seekers. Online pre-screening therefore allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff. You invest your only time in those people with the right attitude for your business. So not only do you hire the right people, you also hire them fast.

Social proximity

Letting people work in an environment that suits them is also important for them. That’s why we call on the solidarity of our hospitality community members and to make rejected candidates available to other hospitality members. This way we help jobseekers who don’t fit in with your business to find a suitable job and we can all draw on a pool of people with a passion for the hospitality industry. It also works the other way around: people who may not fit in at another company, might have the right spirit for your business. Two birds with one stone. And we help each other as entrepreneurs.

The latter is not yet technologically ready in our current platform, but we are working diligently with our existing clients in the hospitality industry, so that together we can emerge stronger from the crisis.

Do you want to be part of that community? And only meet and recruit candidates with the right attitude? Then sign up here. We will set up your own application form so that you can start screening candidates. You won’t be invoiced until you are back in business.