“Hire for attitude!” Okay, but which attitude and how can we predict this?

A curriculum from heaven, all checkboxes ticked but still…the feeling is not quite right.

HR professionals know their company culture, they know the business values and can describe the characteristics of their colleagues. But whether the candidate really fits is often left to gut feeling, no actual measurements are used. Moreover value sets may differ per team and even the company-wide values may not quite be the same as those in the catchy recruitment video or colourfully airbrushed on the walls of the canteen.

Benefits of value fit

If you take into account that value fit with a company, team and manager increases engagement and job satisfaction by up to 32%, increases productivity by up to 27%  and influences even the overall profitability of the company, a variable with such an impact deserves to be objectified with a proper methodology. So we thought at Twegos.

Our academic team screened and analyzed over 25 models from the international academic literature. They retained a comprehensive set of 14 business-related values that showed high correlations with:

  • Well-being data from our engagement surveys
  • Performance-evaluation data, given by the direct supervisor of the participants in 5 major organizations.

If you want to know more about the science behind Value Fit and Twegos’ model, we have described it all here and our professor even wrote a executive summary of the study, which you access via the whitepaper.

Matching values, a fit between individuals…Does that mean we promote uniformity? Not at all! The model embraces variety in personalities. It is frequently proven introverts and extroverts, assertive people and turbulent individuals can form perfect teams, if the underlying values are shared.

How does our value fit assessment work?

Our clients can invite every potential candidate to take a 3 minute high-level value fit test, even before they are actually thinking about applying. “Find out your match with us!” This test has a very low threshold and fills their recruitment funnel with potential candidates. The HR manager can see the high-level fit of every individual and invite people with a good match to take the full assessment test. This test will take up to 15 minutes and will generate a full assessment report of the fit between the individual and the company, a specific team or individual manager of the company.

Can you imagine the benefits for e.g. Le Pain quotidien, the famous bakery/restaurant with its heartwarming communal tables ?  The store managers who see only qualified contacts, the value report they can use as interview guidelines and in the long term their teams who work together like a family, with a significant lower disengagement rate, lower absenteeism and higher productivity!

Their employer branding that goes by the slogan “join our family’ is an exact translation of this culture, where values are highly praised and the necessary skills are trained on the job.