Getting to know Joeri: our organizational psychologist

Getting to know Joeri : our organizational psychologist and Research and Development expert.

I studied Psychology with the idea of becoming a clinical psychologist or counsellor. But, as time went on, I discovered that studying how people behave, feel and think at work is a fascinating field and my interest in work and organizational psychology grew.

Being a professor in work and organizational psychology, I was contacted by Jurgen and Arend when they started with Twegos. Whereas my age-old interest in statistics and methodology makes me an atypical psychologist, it turned out to be of great added value in this particular project.

When Jurgen and Arend contacted me about their new project, I sat up and listened because I saw it as a way to close the gap between reality and science. As a scientist you read a lot of literature and you engage in academic research, but unfortunately the link with practice is often weaker than you would hope for. With Twegos, we could link the two and bring about a very positive change in the HR market. Being able to fill that void is what really appeals to me as a scientist and gives me tremendous satisfaction. So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put my shoulders under this project.

We started with several brainstorming sessions and tried to match the theory to a very concrete product, which turned out to be trickier than I would have thought. Usability is not something that is first and foremost on an academic’s mind, you see.

Fortunately, Jeroen and Jürgen, our co-founders, excel at this. In the second phase, we worked with test clients. Although this was a challenge because you’re not completely in control of the entire process, we luckily could always rely on a large knowledge base of scientific research on value-fit to check whether we were on the right track.

Today, I still have my full-time professor position at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. My role in Twegos is to think about how we can optimize the current tool and about any new developments we could launch in the future. So, Research and Development is what I’m responsible for.

I see a bright future for Twegos because it creates a win-win situation with enormous added value for both employers and jobseekers. Not only in terms of time and money, but also in terms of the experience both parties gain from the recruitment process. We obviously hope that Twegos will become the benchmark in the field of soft skill matching.

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