Getting to know Arend : our co-founder and innovation expert

Ever since the start of my career, I have felt an incredible passion for innovation and meaning. Especially innovation that has a social impact gets me going. I studied civil engineering and initially ended up in the banking industry. Somehow, for some intangible reason I never felt at home in this sector – I now know this intangible feeling of misfit was related to the ‘value gap’ I experienced with the finance industry. I quit the industry and decided to become a strategic consultant.

The idea

It’s around that time that the very first idea about Twegos began to germinate. When my wife was looking for a change of career, something completely new outside of her regular financial profile, and kept being contacted by headhunters offering her yet another position in the financial sector, we realised that it would not be so easy to break this vicious circle.

In other words, the light had dawned that there was a dysfunction in the market. Recruiters rely on a resume and, hence, on hard skills. But when you like to explore a different direction, and you may have the right soft skills, this is less relevant. That’s what got me thinking. We realised the market is not efficiently built and that many job interviews are biased. You are often pushed in a certain direction, based on your hard skills.

I asked myself: “What if recruiters could broaden their horizon, use a predictive system based on soft skills?” This could mean a better fit with the company if applied correctly.

Coincidentally, someone else had a similar idea in mind. Through the grapevine , I came into contact with Jurgen, who had had a very similar experience while working as Communication Manager at KBC. We knew right away that we had to put our heads together. Ever since, the first fit has been a fact!


Today, I am CEO of Twegos. Jurgen, Jeroen and I work together in a fully complementary way. I see myself more as the generalist of the trio. Together with Jurgen, I think about the Twegos vision, our next steps and the product itself. Aside from that, I also look after the finances. The real strength of Twegos is the knowledge that is firmly ingrained in the management team.

With Twegos we want to cause a shake-up in the market, in the positive sense that is. Create a landscape where soft skills play a very important role in the selection of new employees. The ultimate goal for the future: become an industry standard in bringing employers and employees together on the basis of a soft skill fit, and reduce employee turnover and disengagement on a massive scale.

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