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Loaders-sorters at DHL Aviation: improvement of the retention rate up to 22% thanks to Twegos

Twegos mainly worked on blue-collar profiles, more specifically to assure a longer retention based on a better fit with the values ​​of DHL Aviation. If we look at the results of applying the Twegos method, the first observation is that candidates with a higher fit with the values of DHL Aviation will also work longer at DHL Aviation, and this is independent of the cut-off level that is applied. Read More

How to hire (the right people) fast, when this crisis is over?

It is clear that an evening at a restaurant is high on everyone's wish list. Because of this crisis, many businesses had to let go of employees. And maybe they have found another challenge, or maybe you want to start working again with people who have even more of the right attitude that you, as an entrepreneur, want in your business. Read More

The effect of the Corona Crisis on recruitment

The Corona Crisis has an effect on recruitment. HR and recruiting are impacted by the global COVID-19 crisis. 3 drivers are at the basis of this: social distancing, an influx of candidates and the need for efficient cost management. Find out how Twegos is tackling these challenges for their clients from day one. Read More

Diversity monitoring: how Value Fit can eliminate bias and help you benefit from diversity

In today’s fluid business environment, diverse teams can help make your company more innovative, creative and competitive. But cultivating diversity isn’t a matter of ticking the boxes. We’ll explain how recruiting the people that make your company more diverse and dynamic has everything to do with culture fit. This article explains how value fit can eliminate bias and help you benefit from diversity. Read More

Value Fit’s rapid returns for the logistics sector

These days we don’t just think in terms of a job and a paycheck. We look at the whole employee experience: the journey an employee takes with your organization throughout the employee lifecycle (ELC), from recruitment to exit. All along the way, understanding and engaging better with your employees benefits both your company’s culture and its bottom line. Read all about creating value throughout the employee lifecycle. Read More

Walking the walk: Why it’s important to monitor your company culture

Company culture is about so much more than internal branding or cool perks. It is the DNA of your company and one of the determining factors of its success. Taking a close look at your company culture and proactively nurturing and monitoring it can help you find and keep the right people to drive your productivity and growth. Read More

Why the US market has been on our radar from the start

We now have a fully operational American division, ready to grow our client portfolio in the United States. This is a logical next step for us, as offices of our core sectors: transportation, logistics, hospitality, food & beverages are mainly situated in the US. Read More

Joeri Hofmans

Getting to know Joeri : our organizational psychologist

I see a bright future for Twegos because it creates a win-win situation with enormous added value for both employers and jobseekers. Not only in terms of time and money, but also in terms of the experience both parties gain from the recruitment process. We obviously hope that Twegos will become the benchmark in the field of soft skill matching. Read More

What are the main causes of high employee turnover?

A high employee turnover tends to be one of the biggest issues for companies. They invest in employees by providing extensive training and after a short period of time they leave way too fast. What are the different causes of this phenomenon? Are there any measurements which can be taken? Or do you as a company simply need to take this into account and make your peace with it? Well, you don’t! Read all about the main causes of high employee turnover. Read More

Jeroen De Pelsmaeker

Getting to know Jeroen, our co-founder and tech expert

I am responsible for the technical side of things at Twegos. I make sure that all our systems run without a hitch. Aside from that, we keep thinking about the future, where Twegos has such tremendous potential. I, for one, am thrilled to be able to build on that future. Read More