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Value Fit’s rapid returns for the logistics sector

These days we don’t just think in terms of a job and a paycheck. We look at the whole employee experience: the journey an employee takes with your organization throughout the employee lifecycle (ELC), from recruitment to exit. All along the way, understanding and engaging better with your employees benefits both your company’s culture and […] Read More

The importance of feeling good at a company

On February 12 we were the headliner on Belgium’s ‘TechCrunch’: Bloovi.beJournalist Hannes Dedeurwaerder did an extraordinary job, capturing Twegos’ story in a condensed and spot-on way.Probably the best 4:12 minutes of reading time you will spend today, if you ask us. The original article in Dutch on Bloovi’s website can be found here. Below our […] Read More

Why the US market has been on our radar from the start

Last week, an interview with Twegos’ Jurgen Noel and Arend Van Itterbeek appeared in the Belgian magazine Trends. In it, we talk about our selection by New York accelerator ERA, our next steps in the USA, where our newest team member Sean Masters takes the lead as Business Development Director. Selected by Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, […] Read More

Getting to know Joeri : our organizational psychologist

I see a bright future for Twegos because it creates a win-win situation with enormous added value for both employers and jobseekers. Not only in terms of time and money, but also in terms of the experience both parties gain from the recruitment process. We obviously hope that Twegos will become the benchmark in the field of soft skill matching. Read More

What are the main causes of high employee turnover?

A high employee turnover tends to be one of the biggest issues for companies. They invest in employees by providing extensive training and after a short period of time they leave way too fast. What are the different causes of this phenomenon? Are there any measurements which can be taken? Or do you as a company simply need to take this into account and make your peace with it? Well, you don’t! Read all about the main causes of high employee turnover. Read More

Jeroen De Pelsmaeker

Getting to know Jeroen, our co-founder and tech expert

I am responsible for the technical side of things at Twegos. I make sure that all our systems run without a hitch. Aside from that, we keep thinking about the future, where Twegos has such tremendous potential. I, for one, am thrilled to be able to build on that future. Read More

Why Hiring for Culture Fit Is OK

In a recent article published in Harvard Business Review, Joeri Hofmans and Timothy A. Judge argue that much of the controversy surrounding hiring for culture fit can be summarized in four common misconceptions. Using scientific research, they demonstrate that clearing up those misconceptions can help managers measure culture fit correctly and improve their talent strategies. Read More

CASE : Prime inc

If you are not familiar with the American transportation industry, you might not know that a shortage of drivers and driver turnover are massive challenges it faces. The American Transportation Research Academy (ATRI) recently released the Top Industry Issues report for 2018, which showed that the driver shortage is the top issue faced by transportation professionals, while driver retention ranks number three 1. To outperform its competitors, a carrier must solve both of these problems in its o Read More

Meet the team: Jurgen Noel

Time and time again we can see that we can have a direct impact on the effective turnover of our customers… I really like that rush! “Happier people make healthier companies. That’s what we at Twegos are all about! Read More