Big Data in the trucking industry unveils: ValueFit impacts safety and retention

For over 5 years, Twegos ValueFit has been working with data in the transportation industry. With high volumes of data on our hands and quality data anlytics, we have been optimizing how trainers and trainees are teamed up, as well as pinpointing which drivers are more likely to stay with the company ànd cause less accidents.

Powerful data analysis shows what top drivers have in common

When we anonymously analyzed the cohort of the top company drivers – those with minimum 2-year tenure and consistently good performance scores – a common value
profile appeared.
Immediately, certain correlations became visible:

·  Drivers with a high company culture fit showed a 15% higher retention rate than drivers with a lower fit.

·  During their employment, high fits drive 8,964 miles more than low fits. At $2,29 per
mile, a good company fit generates $20,528 more revenue for the company.

But the impact on safety proved to be even more impressive.

Top ValueFit drivers have 17% less accidents

After 1 year, drivers with a good ValueFit were reported to have on average 17% less accidents than low fits. Drivers that fit well with the company proved to be better anticipators: after 600 days, 10 ‘good-fit’ drivers avoided 1 accident that 10 low fitting drivers wouldn’t.

If you know the average cost of an accident in the US industry is $120,000 – the potential gain for a trucking company is clear. Hiring only drivers that fit the values of a top driver profile could save trucking companies millions. 

In times of driver shortage ValueFit can be used to:

  1. Identify top drivers & speed up the hiring process for these candidates. 
  2. Identify those drivers who are at risk of higher accident ratios and intensify monitoring and training efforts on safety.

Wouldn't you like to know who is the safest bet?

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