How it’s going…


I joined the team at Twegos in 2021, in the middle of a lockdown. We haven’t seen each other much in real life, but I can still feel the energy in our team every day. We’re all very different people, but I love how we all feel the same drive to make a real difference for people in their place of work.

— Hilde, Marketing

How it started

Maybe you have experienced it before …

… a feeling of not quite fitting in, even though profesionally you seem to have it all: a nice place to work, a sense of fulfillment, a decent pay check. You don’t feel as motivated as you know you can be.

It was this feeling – of having lost your mojo at work – that Jurgen had experienced himself. As a consultant, Arend saw the impact of people who lost their motivation and engagement on a daily basis.  Back in 2015, they bonded over their wonder at these experiences. Quickly they became dedicated to finding out what exactly the problem was and most of all, how it could be solved.

They turned to Prof. Dr. Joeri Hofmans for answers. It became clear how important a person-organization fit and shared values really are for motivation at work. Together with Joeri, they began R&D on a model that could help organizations and employees find a good match. Jeroen joined the founding team as CTO, developing a powerful tool. Twegos ValueFit was a fact.

Four founding members? Might seem like a crowd. But our founding team was the first proof that our approach really works: even though our personalities are very different, we share values, we have the same drivers, we thrive together. That is what Twegos is all about.

Since then, we’ve come a long way. We have brought together a solid, varied client base. And together with the expanding team, we go for happier people and healthier companies every day.