Who we are

We are a growing team determined to change the way we all look at recruitment. 

Our ambitions are big, but in 2015, we started off small. One of our co-founders, Jurgen Noel, seemed to have it all: a well-paid job he was an expert in with a nice brand, seemingly endless opportunities and budget. But he felt unhappier than ever. Why? That question was the start of Twegos.

We want to make sure people work in companies where they fit in, where they can be at their best. We are convinced this is not an art, but a science: Twegos is a data-driven company with a purely evidence-based approach. 

You spend way too much time working to not get a sense of fulfillment from it. I'm glad I can help people get that feeling from their workplace.

Hilde - Customer Success Manager


We take a new approach to HR by complementing the traditional focus on skills with a focus on potential and on cultural fit. As our tagline suggests, we firmly believe this approach benefits both candidates and companies.

With our brand Fitme, we take a new step towards more sustainable recruitment with respect for each candidate.


We swear by evidence-based HR. To make substantiated decisions without bias or noise, the best way is to ask the right questions, use your data in the right way, and interpret them critically.

The Twegos algorithm is scientifically validated by experts in organizational psychology and has proven results.

Recent press

Prospects have economic concerns as well as ideas about the kind of company they want to be for their people. These ideas are more intertwined than people often think and I love demonstrating that with actual cases and data.

Pieter-Jan, Sales Manager