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At Twegos, we want to help you find, hire and train people that fit your company culture.

Why? Because people that fit well in their workplace feel good, stay longer and perform better.

How do we do it? With evidence-based algorithms and tools designed to make your hiring process efficient and fair.

Make a lasting impact on your employees’ engagement and your business outcomes. Take a look at our offer.


Find out who fits your company culture best with our predictive engine. Boost engagement and retention


Hire the best, help the rest. A community-based approach to recruitment that changes the game for attracting talent


Uncover the precise areas in which an individual needs training to enhance performance

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Putting a healthy company culture first

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Make sure you hire people with values that fit your company’s professional values – no bias, no individual preferences, maximal room for diversity. Objectify the value fit of any individual with any internal reference: company, team or even an individual manager.

Focus your training efforts on the right areas. Our tests identify where an employee’s or candidate’s behavior aligns with your business’ approach and where adjustments are needed. The set-up is quick, easy and affordable.

Fixing recruitment makes no sense when retention is low. When an employee fits with your company culture, they will feel good and stay longer. Retention increases up to 35% after the implementation of ValueFit. 

Covid and working from home have tested employees’ engagement – many companies come to us looking for assistance. Twegos products have a scientifically documented and proven effect on engagement (ValueFit and Fitme) and performance (BehaviorFit).

Using Twegos tools can help your HR department make a quick first selection in candidates. Some of our clients have reduced recruitment time with 35%, leaving their recruiters more room to invest time in their most interesting candidates.

Company culture is not a fluffy concept

You can measure the values that are held by your employees and translate them into objective data. Recruiting people that hold the same values – free of bias – results in substantial benefits for  employees as well as the employer.

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Prof. Joeri Hofmans (VUB)

Research & Development

Tim Judge (Ohio State)

Research & Development

Jurgen Noel


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What some of our clients think

We could analyze, in a fact-based manner, that the Twegos tool can effectively reduce our employee turnover with 22%. We haven’t seen this way of making a business case with any other tool… and this is unique.
Wim Van der Meersch
Wim Van Der Meersch
CHRO at Bridgestone
The introduction to Twegos was very positive and we worked together intensely on retention ever since. We had been looking for an objective instrument to measure the DHL mindset, the motivation of our blue-collar profiles.
Dieter Vandeweyer
Dieter Vandeweyer
Sourcing & Engagement Coordinator at DHL Aviation